Kind mother helping her son doing homework in kitchen.

Caring For Our Communities

It is extremely important to the Sifton family to be gracious and charitable in support of our communities and to encourage our employees to do the same.

This year, we’ll bring fresh new ideas forward and strive to enrich the lives of children and families.

$100,000 Supporting Families

Throughout our years of success, we’ve made it a priority to pay it forward. With a focus on enriching the lives of children, youth and their families, we are committed to strengthening the cities we serve, and building an organization that we can be proud of.

In celebration of 100 years, we’ll partner with the Sifton Family Foundation to maximize our impact and give $100,000 to individuals and families in need.

We assembled a team of community connectors within our organization to seek opportunities for impactful giving. Together, we’ll mark our 100th year by bringing awareness and support to charities and organizations serving those in need.

Stay tuned in along our journey as we feature stories from each organization and how we are planning to support in pursuit of giving $100,000 to families throughout the year.

Who are we supporting?

Winter clothing and food for 30 children through the Caring Fund

Overnight care for 14 children in crisis

Send 4 children living with disabilities to camp

1 year of monthly emergency food hampers for 40 families

Provide 20 children with mentors for ten months

Connect 10 victims of abuse with four months of one-on-one counselling

Send 6 children living with epilepsy to two-week camp and provide 20 families counselling services for newly diagnosed children

Provide 28 families with Spirit Bundle packages to avert homelessness

Provide 20 children with a healthy meal at school every day for one year

Provide 8 children with mental health assessments and 14 weeks of family counselling

Sifton Bog Fresh Finds Now Live!

A beautiful natural gem located in west London, The Sifton Bog is an Environmentally Significant Area (ESA) located on the south side of Oxford Street, west of Hyde Park Road. In 1967, Sifton (then named The Sifton Construction Company) donated the bog to The Upper Thames River Conservation Authority and the City of London later purchased additional lands. 

The bog includes a meandering boardwalk that leads to a viewing platform extending into Redmond’s Pond. “Since the bog is surrounded by woods with Carolinian affinities, one can experience in a ten minute walk, changes in vegetation that could normally take a journey of several hundred kilometres,” (Ontario Trails). Along your walk you might spot turtles, dragonflies, various birds and even deer.

Getting Fresh at the Bog

In celebration of our 100th year, Sifton partnered with the City of London to revisit this natural treasure and introduce an immersive digital experience to visitors. This interactive game-style experience is now live at the bog! Bring your mobile phone to the bog to trigger an augmented reality experience and collect mystery pieces along your hike. Capture cool photos and learn a little something along the way!